Donations to Project Graduation are sincerely appreciated and can be made at any time. Contributions can be made online through our Online Donations page or checks can be made payable to SPHS Project Graduation and mailed to:

SPHS Project Graduation 
PO BOX 5593
Round Rock, TX 78683-5593

Thank you for your support!
SPHS Project Graduation Tiger Celebration is a non-profit corporation, EIN: 74-3007052


SPHS Students of all grades can earn volunteer hours 
and extra tickets for prizes at the 

Increase your chances of winning prizes during the big event by volunteering! For every four hours you volunteer, you get an extra ticket for prizes. For every 4 hours your parents or other family members volunteer in your name, you get an extra ticket!

 1.  Each Senior receives one ticket for being a Senior and attending the 

      Project Graduation Tiger Celebration.

2.   For every 4 hours that a student volunteers for PG, they will earn one

      additional ticket.

3.   PG tracks hours for ALL students.  If you are an underclassman, your

      hours will be tracked for your Senior year.

4.   All student volunteers can count their volunteer hours toward Tigers in

      Service and other organizations that track hours, as defined by your group

      leader.  PG Board Members will sign volunteer tracking forms for these

      organizations.  Please bring the necessary form with you to each event for

      the sponsor/leader to sign.  Be sure to make a copy for your records

      before you turn it in to the front office (for Tigers in Service) or other


5.   For every 4 hours a parent (or grandparent/adult sibling/family friend)

      volunteers for PG, their designated student will receive one additional

        a.  Parents may designate their volunteer hours for a specific child
        b.  Each parent hour can only count for one child at a given time