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President- Kristin Fairbanks (512) 497-5147

VP- Jeannette Fields (512) 567-1153

Secretary- Marisol Ceballos (512) 810-4546

Treasurer- Joanne Georgeson (650) 265-8146

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In the midst of a pandemic our Senior Class of 2021 remained Strong!

Thank you Students, Parents, Project Graduation Board and Volunteers 2021, Teachers, Administrators, Family and Friends - Celebrate #STPSeniorStrong2021


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Jason and Geri Garza

Heide Osborn

​Jennifer Rodela

Kent and Joanne Georgeson

Heidi Osborn

Jennifer Rodela

Jeffrey Long

​Teresa Kacerguis

*UPDATE: Good morning all, The PG Board met last night and there was a change in leadership. Please note the changes and contact information here.

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